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Get Out, Sitka! is a website operated by the Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition, a group created at the 2010 Sitka Health Summit to find ways to encourage and support people (especially children and families) to get outdoors more often for recreation. This site will gather resources from around the community to help people in Sitka find more ways to get outdoors and play.

This site is under development, so keep checking back for more information.


About Charles Bingham

I build community and health project websites in Sitka, Alaska. My sites include http://www.sitkalocalfoodsnetwork.org/, http://walksitka.wordpress.com/, http://sitkacycling.wordpress.com/, https://getoutsitka.wordpress.com/, and http://walkbikealaska.wordpress.com. My portfolio site is http://charlesbingham.wordpress.com/. Since I build and maintain most of these sites on a volunteer basis, feel free to donate to me through PayPal to help with the costs, https://www.paypal.me/CWBingham3. Thanks
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