Next meeting for Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition is Thursday, Jan. 6

The next meeting of the Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!) takes place from 7-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011, at Harrigan Centennial Hall.

During the meeting, we will discuss the results of the Sitka outdoor programming survey and whether we will have enough results for our programming inventory or if we need more responses.

Creating an inventory of outdoor programming will help us know who already offers programming in Sitka, what needs there are, what partnership opportunities exist, and other questions that can help us get more people in Sitka, especially kids and families, outdoors for recreation. There are a lot of groups in Sitka that offer outdoor programs, but many of the programs aren’t advertised very well and the programming inventory hopefully will enable us to have a better picture of where we stand.

During the 2010 Sitka Health Summit in October, we came up with a list of 30 potential stakeholders in Sitka who provide outdoor programming, and that list since has grown to 46. We are hoping representatives from each of the organizations on our list of stakeholders (government agencies, schools, churches, non-profit groups, youth programs, health organizations, etc.) will be able to complete our short survey. If you know of someone who leads an organization, agency or business that provides outdoor programming in Sitka, please send them the survey link, Please have them complete the survey by Jan. 5, so we can review the results at our Jan. 6 meeting.

We also hope to find out the progress of the Sitka Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Action Plan, which is due to have an updated draft released in the near future. Some of our work overlaps, so we want to make sure our group isn’t duplicating work already being done by the other group.

The Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!) encourages participation from parents, outdoor programming leaders and other Sitka residents at our meeting Jan. 6. For more information, contact Charles Bingham at 738-8875 or send e-mail to

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