Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition extends survey to local organizations about their outdoor programming

The Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!) is extending its survey to local organizations about their outdoor programming. The new deadline for comments is Tuesday, Feb. 1, so we can process the results before our next meeting at 7-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 3, at Harrigan Centennial Hall.

The online survey, which can be found at, asks local organizations 10 simple questions about what types of outdoor programming they provide, the target audiences, the cost and if there are any restrictions (such as only Boy Scouts or church members can participate). The survey also asks what might help various groups provide more outdoor programs, especially those targeting children and families.

The reason for the online survey is to create an inventory of outdoor programming that will help us know who already offers programming in Sitka, what needs there are, what partnership opportunities exist, and other questions that can help us get more people in Sitka, especially kids and families, outdoors for recreation. There are a lot of groups in Sitka that offer outdoor programs — from informal nature walks with neighborhood kids to full-scale summer camps — but many of the programs aren’t advertised very well. (NOTE: To help Sitka groups publicize their outdoor events, we added a free online calendar to our site.) Hopefully the programming inventory will enable us to have a better picture of where we stand.

The Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!) has developed a list of more than 50 possible stakeholders in Sitka that may already or might want to offer outdoor programming. We are hoping representatives from each of the organizations on our list of stakeholders will be able to complete our short survey. If you know of someone who leads an organization, agency or business that provides outdoor programming in Sitka, please send them the survey link, Also, we have posted a flier below as a PDF document that we hope people will print out and post on local bulletin boards so more people know about our survey.

Your help getting this survey out to various Sitka groups that provide outdoor programming is greatly appreciated. The next meeting of the Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!) is 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 3, at Harrigan Centennial Hall, and we hope to have enough responses so we can start getting a better sense of what outdoor programs exist in town. Other agenda items include reviewing the Sitka Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Action Plan draft due out in January to see where our group can fit in. For more information, contact Charles Bingham at 738-8875 or send e-mail to

• Flier about Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!) outdoor programming survey (opens as PDF document, please print off a few copies and post around town)

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