Sitka Community Playground project thanks those who took part in garage sale

(NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted to local media by Alice Marcus of the Sitka Community Playground project on Nov. 29, 2011.)

Dear editor,

On Nov. 11-12, the Sitka Community Playground group held a rummage sale as our first fundraiser. We raised $1,700 with help from many people in this community. Thank you to everybody who donated items for us to sell and for everybody that purchased items. We told people that they could round up when they were making purchases to support this awesome project and people consistently donated more than their total.

Thank you to Judy Johnstone for her patience and willingness to go forward as the boxes of donations piled up in her garage. The use of Judy’s space really made this project much easier. Thank you to AJ Bastian, Becky Kubacki, Chris Bryner, Dan Dunn, Liz Zacher, Luke Bastian, Lynnda Strong, Judy Johnstone, Michelle Putz, Peggy Marcus, Ross Evans, Tiffany Bryner, Wes Halloway and Willow Moore for putting in time and energy to making this event a success. Thank you to Kettleson Memorial Library, Sweet Peas and the Junk Trunk for making it easy to find a place for the items that did not sell.

There will be many opportunities for people to contribute to this exciting project. We will soon have a website at (site is not live yet, so here’s a link to the Facebook group page). We will have all the components of the playground listed on our website and businesses, organizations or individuals may purchase items and in return have their name recognized with a plaque next to the donated item. We will have pickets for a fence for sale in the near future and many more fundraisers to come.

Our next meeting is at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 409 Mills St. and all are welcome to attend. We would love to have more people on our committees. Please contact Alice Marcus at 738-5089 with questions.


Sitka Community Playground Workgroup,

AJ Bastian, Alice Marcus, Peggy Marcus

Also, Doug Osborne recently recorded a commentary on KCAW-Raven Radio discussing the need for the Sitka Community Playground project. Here’s a link to his commentary.

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