Kettleson Memorial Library to host ‘Small Feet, Big Land’ author Erin McKittrick

Book poster-Sitka

Many of us living in Alaska enjoy getting outdoors and experiencing nature in all its glory. But how do you go trekking when you have young children?

The Kettleson Memorial Library in Sitka will host Seldovia writer Erin McKittrick and her husband, “Hig” (Bretwood Higman), for a presentation at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16. The presentation includes a slideshow and a discussion about her new book “Small Feet, Big Land.” Erin and Hig were guests Oct. 1 on the statewide Alaska Public Media program “Talk of Alaska,” and you can listen to the interview here.

According to Erin, “Small Feet, Big Land is a story of many journeys: Erin McKittrick and her husband, Hig, lifelong adventure trekkers, set out to explore the vast and remote wild corners of Alaska with their two young children in tow. From melting Arctic permafrost, to melting Lost Coast glaciers, to the Seldovia berry patches. Whether huddling in the pelting rain, facing a curious grizzly bear, eating whale blubber with new friends, or picking berries on the sunny tundra their unconventional adventures draw Erin’s family — and readers — closer together as they explore the intersection of wilderness and industry in America’s wildest state.”

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