Sitka Sound Science Center offers a variety of one-week summer camps for kids


Registration for 2014 summer camps hosted by the Sitka Sound Science Center now is open. There are six camps and a kayak expedition available this summer for children from grades 1-12.

Check out the summer camp portion of center’s website for more information and to register. The camp descriptions are posted below.  Online registration is through cvent, which is linked on the left and on the summer camp page of the center’s website.  These camps are going to be a ton of fun.

Sign up will again be through Cvent, our new online event registration form. Each of the six camps is $85 for the week and includes a daily snack. The kayak expedition is $150 before March 27 and $300 after March 27 (Sitka High School is subsidizing part of the expedition cost through Sitka Charitable Trust funding only available through March).

2014 Summer Camps

Grade ranges indicate what grade the camper will be in this coming fall.

  • 2013campadaptationsCreepy, Crawly Camp –  Bugs, slugs, mold and mushrooms are just a few of the little known creepy, crawlies we’ll explore in this camp.  We’ll dig deep and uncover the amazing world of tiny critters that are all around us. Grades: 1-2. Dates: June 23-27. Times: 8:30-11:30 a.m.
    Instructors: Ashley Bolwerk and guest speakers.
  • Sitka Edibles –   In this summer camp, we’ll eat our way from the forests to the ocean, learning the importance of local plants and animals as food, medicine, and fun.  Which plants taste good and are safe to eat?  What can we eat on the beach? Put on your galoshes and bring your taste buds and come explore these questions and so much more. Grades: 1-2. Dates: July 7-11. Times: 8:30-11:30 a.m.
    Instructors: Ashley Bolwerk and Patty Dick.
  • The Art of Nature –  Natural beauty is all around us. Within that beauty is a world of science and understanding. Join us for this camp to discover some of the ways science can inform art and art can help us with understanding the world.  We’ll use the natural world as inspiration for our art work and combine natural materials and traditional art supplies to create unique works that have a special science connection. Grades: 3-5. Dates: June 16-20. Times: 1-4 p.m. Instructors: Ashley Bolwerk and Bayla Laks.
  • SIRFer Marine Science Camp – Wide tidal flats are a standard part of the Southeast Alaska landscape. But take a closer look at kelp, crabs, and sculpins with real working scientists who spend their lives dedicated to marine science research and you’ll never look at the intertidal the same. The Scientists in Residency Fellowship (SIRF) brings two marine scientists to Sitka this month and they will be helping with this camp to expose students to science careers while kids have a chance to have fun in the mud. Grades: 3-5. Dates: July 14-18. Times: 1-4 p.m. Instructors: Andrea Pitz and specials guests, Cascade Sorte and Matt Bracken (visiting Scientist in Residency Fellows).
  • kayaktripRenewable Energy Camp –  Windmills, hydropower, solar panels, saltwater heating, and other renewable energy sources are the wave of the future.  Come explore the science behind all of these big ideas that are revolutionizing the world. We’ll experiment with the world of engineering as we create our own renewable energy sources and tour the places in Sitka where alternative energy is being used. Grades: 6-8. Dates: June 9-13. Times:  1-4 p.m. Instructors:  Ashley Bolwerk and guest speakers.
  • Trash Camp – Join the Sitka Sound Science Center’s recent efforts to clean-up and spread the word about marine debris, which is a growing concern of coastal towns around the world.  From tsunamis to Great Pacific Garbage Patches, we’ll dive into it all the issues around this knee deep topic.  We’ll even spend the day out in Sitka Sound removing debris from one of our beaches.  Then, we’ll take what we collect and create a Fourth of July parade float to share the camp efforts to battle one of the largest problems facing our oceans today. Grades: 6-8. Dates: June 30-July 4.
    Times: 1-4 p.m. (with an all-day beach cleanup scheduled for Tuesday, July 1).
    Instructors: Ashley Bolwerk and Margot O’Connell.
  • kayaktrip2Field Science Expedition** — The Field Science Expedition is a four-day sea-kayak expedition where students explore the natural history of Southeast Alaska. Four educational modules: forest ecology, stream ecology, marine ecology, and outdoor skills important in field research will be covered through experiential activities during the expedition. Camp cost includes a professional guide, all equipment (except personal gear like a sleeping bag, etc), professional instruction, food, and the Allen Pt. Cabin rental.  This opportunity is being offered in a joint collaboration between the Sitka Sound Science Center, the Sitka Conservation Society, and Latitude AdventuresAges: 14-18. Dates: June 1-4.
    Instructors:  Ashley Bolwerk and Scott Harris (Sitka Conservation Society). **Cost: $150 before March 27, $300 after March 27 (Sitka High School is subsidizing part of the expedition cost through Sitka Charitable Trust funding only available through March).

If a camp is full and you want to get an email if a spot becomes available or for more information, please email Ashley Bolwerk at

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