Sitka Community Playground project committee to meet on Monday, Dec. 14


JOIN US! The community of Sitka is in need of a playground. Yes, you can make a difference in our community for all Sitka families.

Sitka has playgrounds, but let’s be real, they’re old, unsafe and not really designed well for community gatherings and multi-ability play. Isn’t it time for something different? Something new? Something we can all use and enjoy?

We would like to build a playground for the 21st Century and we would like you to join us in our quest. We want a playground that is:

  • Accessible: All children in Sitka need to be able to access and play in playgrounds. Currently, there are no playgrounds that are accessible to children of all abilities.
  • Sustainable: We plan to build a playground that will require little maintenance in the years to come, using materials that are long lasting and safe.
  • Keeping with the local decor: We plan to replace playground equipment at Crescent Harbor with beautiful structures that will blend in and compliment the surroundings.
  • Safety: Safety is the #1 priority! This playground will have a safe ground cover and be built to the current safety and accessibility standards.
  • A vibrant community space: A space that honors Sitka’s cultural diversity and inspires multi-generational play. A space to bring your entire family to play, gather and socialize.

Think of the difference YOU could make contributing to this community cause. Please join us in support of bringing Sitka a much needed playground for all to enjoy. Our next meeting is at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec.14 in the Sitka Community Hospital classroom downstairs. Invite your friends and family, we need Sitka to come together to make this a reality.

Check out the new Sitka Community Playground project website at For more information, please contact Kealoha Harmon at 747-3500 or Kay Turner at 623-7878. Also, feel free to join the Facebook group to stay up to date. The Sitka Community Playground is a project of the 2015 Sitka Health Summit.



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