Angie Richman hired as chief of interpretation and education at Sitka National Historical Park


Sitka National Historical Park welcomes a new chief of interpretation and education, Angie Richman, who will start her new position the week of Dec. 12.

Richman first came to Sitka on a three-month assignment as the Acting Chief of Interpretation in 2013. She moved permanently to Sitka in the fall of 2014, and has since been working as a science communication consultant with the National Park Service (NPS) on several national and international efforts.

She started her 16-year career with the NPS as an interpretive park guide in northwestern New Mexico at Chaco Culture National Historical Park interpreting the ancient Puebloan culture.  Since that time she’s built an impressive resume of experience in interpretation, science communication, and natural resources in 10 different national park units, a regional office, and most recently for the Washington office.

During her five-year position with the Washington office, she served as the communication specialist for the Climate Change Response Program with the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Office of the NPS in Fort Collins, Colo., where she oversaw the development of a nationwide approach to climate change communication.

As a front-line interpreter, Richman has years of experience blending science, history and culture, and sensitive and controversial issues into her interpretive programs and products. Prior to this, she served for two years as a Master Interpreter for the Intermountain Regional Office and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park & Curecanti National Recreation Area.

She was the lead seasonal interpreter and astronomy volunteer coordinator for Bryce Canyon National Park from 2004-2007. She also worked as a physical science technician for the Southeast Utah Group and Pinnacles National Monument. She has experience as a park guide in Pecos and Chaco Culture National Historical Parks, and as an aide to the Chaco Museum Archives.

Richman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of New Mexico with a minor in Archaeology, emphasizing Cultural Astronomy, and an Associate of Science Degree from Utah Valley State College.

Richman said of her new position, “I am very excited to be back at Sitka National Historical Park. This is a special place with a unique story to tell. It is my hope to continue to enhance the visitor experience through 21st Century communication products and through increased integration of science and cultural literacy.”

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