AK Experience Camp gives youth a chance to experience Alaska skills and adventure

The 2019 AK Experience Camp is fast approaching (July 22-28 at Rainbow Glacier Camp in Haines, near the Southeast Alaska State Fair Grounds), so it’s time to sign up your Southeast Alaska youth ages 11-18 now. Registration is on a first -come, first-served basis, and members of the Sitka Spruce Tips 4-H Club will be attending.

You can find the registration information and pictures from previous years on the Southeast Alaska 4-H website here. You can register your youth at this link, http://bit.ly/AKXCamp. Ferry transportation to and from Haines will be coordinated by camp.

Youth ages 11-18 can come to our fun-filled seven-day residential camp to learn sustainable, outdoor Alaskan skills as you play, hike, camp, fish, kayak and forage with experienced camp leaders. Gain a new awareness about conservation issues, resource management and harvest ethics. Develop your leadership skills and learn to make a difference in your world. And best of all, have fun with new friendships at 4-H camp.

The camp registration fee is $350, and ferry transportation to and from Juneau is $100 and transportation is $150 to and from Sitka. Some scholarships available. For more information on camp call or email Sarah at 907-523-3280 Ext. 1, or email at sarah.lewis@alaska.edu.

You will also need to register your youth in 4-H, which costs $25. Enrollment can be completed at http://bit.ly/4Honline. The $25 fee for 4-H can be paid via credit card at http://bit.ly/4HPayment. Call or email Susie at 907-523-3280 Ext. 0, or email at susie.wilkie@alaska.edu, for assistance with enrollment in 4-H.

The 4-H fee can be paid via credit card online during enrollment in 4-H. We are still requiring the paper form of the registration for our camp, but families also need to enroll in 4-H Online. Please visit the enroll in 4-H page for details. After you have filled out the online forms you will pick a club and project. Select AK Experience Camp for the club and adventure/challenge for the project. If you have already enrolled at 4-H Online, please go into your youth’s account and select AK Experience Camp as an additional club. This helps us to keep up to date on the youth who get to go to our awesome camp.

For more information about the camp, please contact Darren Snyder of the UAF Cooperative Extension Service by email at darren.snyder@alaska.edu or phone at 907-523-3280, Ext. 2. For help registering for camp, please contact Susie Wilkie by email at susie.wilkie@alaska.edu or phone at 907-523-3280, Ext. 0

This camp is brought to our Alaskan youth by partners at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service 4-H program and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, with the invaluable help of a robust team of trained volunteers and professionals. The UAF Cooperative Extension Service is truly thankful for everyone who gives so much to make this camp possible. Thanks and we’ll see you at camp.

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