Sitka Sprouts session on Tuesday is all about women in science

All about women in science is the theme for the next session of Sitka Sprouts on Tuesday, March 28. To recognize and celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re going to be doing fun, engaging activities that focused on the work of women scientists, inventors, and innovators.

Give a shoutout to Maite Lorente Rial, the youth librarian at Sitka Public Library, for the extensive collection of awesome stories and kid’s biographies of really inspiring folks that we’ve been using for inspiration

Sitka Sprouts is a free, weekly science education program designed for 3–5 year olds and parents that takes place from 10:30-11:30 a.m. every Tuesday at the Karsh classroom in the Sitka Sound Science Center. The aquarium is open.

Information can be found at, or by emailing Kari Paustian at or Liam Stiefel at


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